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Influencer Brand Deals

October 3, 2021

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These are some popular influencer opportunities

If you’re interested in learning about some unique influencer opportunities and the truth about brand deals (more specifically) what you should look out for when brands approach YOU…plus how to politely decline brand deals if a brand approaches you with an offer you’re just NOT interested in, keep reading.

The Truth About Brand Deals

So…as an influencer, I’m sure you receive a LOT of brand collaboration pitches and exciting influencer opportunities in your inbox, some that you’d love to know more about and…some that you 100% are NOT interested in. So, let’s chat about those. Because there are a lot of times when it’s OK to decline brand collabs — whether it is because the brand doesn’t appeal to you personally, or because your schedules clash, or because the product is simply not a good fit for your audience, or an entirely different reason all  together. Occasionally, you will need to turn brands down. And that’s to be expected. SO, what should you do? Ignore them? Or… reply no, thanks? Well, let’s chat about it!

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By the way, if you’re new here — welcome, I’m Jaye and I’m the creator of 11 St. Studio influencer agency and I’ve been helping influencers like you price their rates for brand deals, and negotiate brand contracts, since 2019. With that said, I recently launched a NEW webinar where I share exactly what goes into calculating rates for brand deals — IN DETAIL —  because let me tell you, it is NOT a one-size fit’s all approach. And in that webinar I also reveal how to get your hands on my personal influencer rate calculator, because trust me when I say, it’s a MUST-HAVE if brands are asking for your rates.

Again, I reveal IT ALL in the webinar. So make sure to click the link below this video to join the webinar because I don’t want anyone (who’s interested in learning how to price their rates for brand deals the RIGHT way) to miss it.

An influencer rate calculator designed to calculate sponsored post rates and brand deals

So, here are 5 tips to help you politely decline a brand collaboration that you’re JUST not interested in without burning any bridges within the industry.

Influencer Opportunities

Tip #1: Always Reply

OK so like I just mentioned, never ignore or delete any emails if you’re not interested in an opportunity that a brand’s pitched you — especially if the email is personalized to you specifically. Instead, I recommend responding back to let them know you received their email so they know to stop contacting you about the opportunity. 

Trust me, when it comes to influencer opportunities it’s much worse to ignore their emails and questions, then to simply reply back saying you’re not interested. This is especially important when it’s super clear they’ve put a lot of effort into pitching their idea to you. So, whenever possible, reply back and thank them for reaching out, but let them know that you’re not interested.

Tip #2: Give Them a Reason

Also, I suggest giving them a reason as to WHY you don’t wish to collaborate. Now, you don’t have to go into a ton of detail, just simply state that you’re unable to commit at this point in time, or don’t think the brand is a good fit with your brand and audience. 

This is important because by providing their marketing team or PR reps the reason you’re declining allows them to pitch you with BETTER opportunities in the future, and will also give you a good industry reputation. Because, the truth about brand deals is that they’re not all going to be a good fit for YOU. But…by explaining this you can open up opportunities for future brand deals that ARE a good fit for you and your brand.

Tip #3: Be Polite

OK, the next tip regarding influencer opportunities is…and this should go without saying, but…I’ll say it anyways, be polite when you reply! The #1 rule of declining a collaboration is to do so politely. SO, if the product or service isn’t a good fit, or your schedule is too busy to take on another collab, be honest — YES, but in a polite way

What you don’t want to do is send them abrupt messages telling them they didn’t research you or your brand well enough (even though we know that may sometimes be the truth). Remember, as an influencer you have a public image to maintain, so by all means, keep your composure because answering politely may open up doors for future opportunities…because you never know what brand and budget the person on the receiving end of that email will be working with next!

Tip #4: Send Your Media Kit

Ok onto the next tip about influencer opportunities. If the brand requested your media kit, send it over — if you feel comfortable doing so. Many times marketing and PR agencies work with a TONS of clients and their list changes regularly, so it’s important to not only be open and honest with them, but to send over your media kit too so that they can view it and add you to their list for future campaigns with all of their other clients. 

Tip #5: Negotiate Influencer Opportunities

OK, now let’s discuss my favorite piece of advice when it comes to all your incoming influencer opportunities! So, depending on the original pitch and the brand the sender is representing, you may want to consider a counter offer to negotiate the collaboration before accepting or declining. This is very common in this industry, so if you DO want to consider the collaboration, don’t be afraid to reply back indicating what would need to change in order for the collab to work for you. 

The truth is, brand deals work out a lot better when both parties communicate openly about expectations and what is required on both ends! So, never be afraid to reply back requesting more info, or with your own creative ideas regarding the brand collaboration. Negotiating with brands is especially important if the collaboration will take up a chunk of your time and creativity, or if you need more resources to complete the collaboration. SO, don’t be shy!

Unique Influencer Opportunities

OK, that sums everything about influencer opportunities up. Remember, not all brand deals that find their way to your inbox will be a good opportunity for you, that’s the simple truth about brand deals. But, it’s important to always reply, because (again) you never know who is on the receiving end, and a quick reply can open up a LOT of future brand opportunities for you!

Plus, doing so will help you to start building strong networks and relationships, which will improve your chances of working with some amazing brands that DO align with your vision and brand in the future! SO, I’m curious….Have you ever personally declined a brand collaboration? What did you say and do, and what was their response? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please leave your thought in the comments below the YouTube video!

These influencer opportunities are popular for a reason. Learn why now!

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