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It's time to make more money with your influence, don't you agree?  

Here's the thing...this internet is a busy place. If you want to stand out from the crowd and partner with the brands you LOVE, you need to take very strategic actions.  We'll help you get strategic with your Instagram/TikTok/YouTube (etc. etc.)  profile so you can start getting paid brand deals right away because you've worked hard to build your brand and audience and deserve to be paid so other's can access it.

Areas of Expertise

With over 10 years experience navigating brand deals, our expertise lies in helping bloggers and influencers navigate their pressing concerns,  such as how to pitch brands as an influencer, how to create a rate sheet, and how much to charge for sponsored post. Other common topics include: 





how much to charge for blog posts

resources for everyone

Our Mission

Our goal from day one has been to help influencers get paid what they're truly worth. 

Gone are the days of accepting free products for posts. We've spent years creating resources for influencers and bloggers to help them navigate all their questions about growth,  strategy and brand partnerships. From eBooks, to a brand pitch package, to a full member's area with 10 in-depth eCourses, we're confident you will learn the skills needed to become a successful influencer, including how to work with brands, how to pitch brands, and how to negotiate with brands as an influencer to earn even more.



In a pinch? Itching for help like... yesterday? That's where a 30 minute session with me comes in.


Need a strategic overhaul of your current social media profile and/or blog? That's where a next level strategy call comes in.


Long-term support! Start with a (1) hour session to discuss your current struggles & goals, & get expert advice . Followed by (6) 30 minute sessions to get answers to questions that arise & consistent feedback over time. 

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Discover the well-kept secrets of influencers we've worked with over the years.

We wrote two eBooks revealing the secrets of highly successful influencers, sharing the exact steps they took to start working one-on-one with brands they love, so you can too. Whether you're looking for tips for nano influencers, micro influencer tips or tips for mega influencers, these books covers it all.

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Pitch Package

Are you ready to start pitching brands on your own?

If your answer is “Yes!”, get ready because we’ve got good news for you! We teamed up with professional email conversion copywriters to create a package of 10 professional pitches that influencers like YOU can use to pitch brands, negotiate your own rates and pocket 100% of your earned income!

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Get immediate access to all our current (and upcoming) courses plus view our library of (past) live webinars and join our upcoming webinars as they happen! Having worked with countless influencers (and brands), our team has uncovered the exact formula to achieving rapid success — and we’re ready to help you make it your reality too. 


YouTube Channel

Join Jaye on the YouTube channel to learn how to get brand deals, price sponsored posts, negotiate with brands and enhance your overall brand partnership strategy. 

The YouTube channel is a place to find all kinds of tips for influencers — for FREE. Learn exactly how to work with brands to get the brand deals you dream of, plus how to negotiate brand deals quickly and effectively. You'll also learn how to pitch brands, monetize social media, calculate your engagement rate, create a media kit and determine your rates for brand deals so you can grow on social media and monetize your influence — quickly!

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I couldn't be happier with my coaching call. Jaye exceeded my expectations in every way. So happy!

- Ellie Mae

Our new home has brought us so much joy and comfort. We couldn't have done it without Lita Grey's expertise. 

- Vita Emerald

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