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The good news — the wait is finally over. Starting today you never need to wonder how much to charge as an influencer, ever again.

Yes, you read that right! The rate guessing game is O-V-E-R. If you want to know how much influencers charge for sponsored content, this 40-page report is a must-read.

This eye-opening report shares influencer rates segmented by industry, audience size, and content type among influencers with follower counts ranging from 5K-250K.

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Who It’s For

We teamed up with influencers and brands across the globe to research and publish this eye-opening report so that influencers everywhere can discover what the going rate is in their specific niche, and for their specific level of influence.

Discover How Much Influencers (just like you) Are Paid

This report gives you the information and mindset you need to earn an income beyond your wildest dreams by revealing exactly what influencers (just like you) are earning from brand partnerships. It helps you take control of your income, and ultimately your life. It also shatters the myth that you should accept freebies in exchange for posts, and shows you exactly what influencers across the globe are earning everyday.

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The Data

NO. 1: Influencer Rate Report...

For this report thousands of influencers, creators and marketing professionals were surveyed through our VIP newsletter, social media, and website(s) to gather data to discover exactly how much money influencers are earning from brand deals across niches, influencer categories (nano, micro, macro etc.) and platforms.

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In this report we'll…

  • Break down how much influencers are charging for posts on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube
  • Share how influencers price their rates
  • Reveal what factors contribute to their pricing 
  • Break down what they look for in brand deals before signing contacts

Let's Do this

In this report, you'll:

now is the time to find out what influencers (just like you) are charging for brand deals so you can adjust your rates accordingly

  • Learn which platforms influencers are cashing in on the most
  • Find out which platforms are making up the bulk of their salary
  • Get detailed influencer compensation data for Instagram (with takeaways for TikTok, and YouTube)
  • Discover how your rates measure up so you can walk away with a baseline overview of how much you should be charging in your particular niche

A year from now you
will have wished you read it today....

remember, this Report is only available for a limited time

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This report includes never-before-seen rates, from real influencers, across niches.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if you’re undercharging (or overcharging) brands, how to determine your rates for brand deals, or even how to get started pricing your rates — this report is for you.



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