Influencer Rate Card


Here's the good news — starting today you never need to wonder how much to charge as an influencer, ever again.

If you're like me and you’re in love with creating content, but not necessarily selling it, this rate card template is a game-changer. It will allow you to easily seal the deal with brand clients so you can save your energy for the parts you love — creating incredible content. Cause, let's be real... talking about what you charge ranks at the top of the awkward-meter. This customizable rate card makes answering that “price” question feel like a piece of cake.

Who It’s For

We created this popular rate card template so that influencers everywhere can feel confident sending their rates over to brands.  

Proven To Maximize Earnings

This rate card template is designed to maximize your income by presenting your rates in a visually appealing manner, which has been proven to take countless influencers to the next level when it comes to earning power. It's time to kick imposter syndrome & self doubt in the booty so you can feel confident sharing rates that are in-line with your niche.

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