Secrets of 6-Figure Influencers


Secrets of 6-Figure Influencers reveals the best-kept secrets of some of the industry's top influencers. This book shares their secrets plus how you can tap into their success by using the exact same strategies. 

Who It’s For

We created this ebook specifically for bloggers and influencers that have the desire to start collaborating with brands but need help getting started. 

Inside the eBook

Before reaching out to brands, there are a few VERY important things you need to do to position yourself in the best possible light. This eBook is for the influencer who wants to learn the exact steps to take before reaching out to brands — to set themselves up for success. Remember, first impressions are everything, especially in an industry this small!

The need for influencers is skyrocketing, in fact, 92% of consumers now trust influencers more than traditional advertisements and celebrity endorsements. Not to mention, the data shows that businesses earn a minimum $6.50 for each dollar that they spend on influencers.

Instagram is an especially popular place for brands to promote their products, and brands are starting to realize that nano and micro influencers provide exceptionally high engagement. Why? Smaller audiences are more personable and most nano and micro influencers make an effort to consistently communicate with their audience, making them a more trust-worthy source (like a trusted friend) than the average mega or celebrity influencer.

What You'll Learn

➙ The importance of targeting a niche

➙ How to establish a strong brand identity

➙ Why you need to be aware of your audience + demographics

➙ Why you should post frequently

➙ How to use hashtags + geotags to attract more followers

➙ Tips on tagging brands you love

➙ How to put your contact info out there

➙ Tips on making a positive first impression on brands

➙ Why you need to create a rate sheet

➙ Why you need to have a negotiation mindset

We break each of these tips down for you and more in this essential eBook. You’ll learn simple and effective ways to strategically present yourself and your brand to the brands you love, to win them over from the get-go!

Discover the Secrets

Learn how successful influencers set themselves up to land brand deals everyday – so you can too.

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