Influencer Case Study Template


Maybe your inbox is filled with requests for partnerships, or maybe you’re planning to pitch your dream brands and want to make a really positive first impression. Either way, a case study is a must-have.

This gorgeously designed Case Study template highlights your brand (and your most successful brand partnerships to date) in order to impresses the socks off potential collaborators so you can gain their attention and the deals you dream of in a heartbeat!

Who It’s For

We created this popular case study template so that influencers everywhere can feel confident sending their rates over to brands — with actual numbers to back their rates up.  

Proven To Maximize Earnings

Potential brand partners want real-world examples of the benefits you bring — and that's what your case study will deliver. If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to delivering eye-popping case studies (because they are an essential part of booking brand deals) a case study is a must-have because NO ONE can tell your story better than a happy brand partner. 

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